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Graduating from college is a very big step for a student and gives them the confidence to step into the real world. Some students have a clear career path defined...
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August 16, 2022
top 7 career guidance tips for freshers

  • Graduating from college is a very big step for a student and gives them the confidence to step into the real world. Some students have a clear career path defined and can follow the steps to reach their professional goals. But it is very common for students to not know their career choices as there are diverse options for each field that can create confusions and often be overwhelming.
  • Applying for government jobs can be amongst the most commonly followed career opportunity that has a promising potential. Sectors that are booming with the government support such as pharmaceuticals, IT, hospitality and banking are having a constant rise for demand of fresher’s. Many students wish to get hired for government jobs in such sectors as compared to private sector jobs. 
  • This is because government jobs are as challenging as private jobs but give a better compensation structure and more appealing salary and bonus prospects. The job security, value and esteem of a government job are much higher as compared to the same job in a private sector. However, government jobs require students to complete certain additional examinations that may be very difficult to pass.

Entrepreneurship with startups

  • Young graduates often find it extremely interesting to work on a venture of their own. The current system is providing many opportunities for the same, with a unique business idea and detailed business plan it is possible for a fresh graduate to become an entrepreneur. 
  • If a student has innovative ideas and is determined to make the business viable and profitable, entrepreneurship is the best career path. Various colleges promote this skill by having their own incubator cells to ring a student business ides to life.
  •  In these cells, potential entrepreneurs can get access to working spaces, mentorship/ guidance, investor meetings and various other business needs that will be assisted by the college itself.

Certifications and specializations

  • As the world is shifting to a digital platform, so is the field of education. There are various platforms that provide educational materials online which are well equipped with a wide range of courses to help students educate themselves from a self-learning platform. 
  • A certification is targeted to teach students about the specific field in depth. There are various advantages of certifications such as learning of new skills to help in acquiring and excelling at a new job. The cost of gaining a certification is much lesser as compared to a professional degree that makes it th most inexpensive opportunity for further education. 
  • These certifications can help a student learn new skills, gain industry exposure and experience as well.

Freelance Projects

  • Students can explore the world of freelancing even when they are in college. College graduates can take up projects on a freelance agreement when they have spare time between pursuing higher education and finalizing their career path. 
  • This will help them earn a little extra money and get the industry experience that will be needed in the future. 
  • The best part about freelancing projects is the compensation that helps young graduates meet their expenses as they prepare to take up their dream career path.

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