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Merchant navy is the transport of goods from one country to another with the help of ships and water ways. The demand for merchant navy members has been increasing with...
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August 24, 2022
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  • Merchant navy is the transport of goods from one country to another with the help of ships and water ways. The demand for merchant navy members has been increasing with an increase of global markets. Working in the merchant navy can be extremely rewarding with high salaries and growth opportunities. The salary structure for merchant navy members generally depends on the position, occupation and experience.
  • There are various specializations that one can complete to be a part of the merchant navy and the eligibility of each is varied and flexible. Having the job of a chief officer on the ship in merchant navy is amongst the most reputable and highest paying career opportunities. The eligibility to gain this post requires a person to have completed their high school/ 12th grade with an aggregate of at least 60 percentages and bachelors in science with an aggregate in physics and chemistry above 60 percentages. It is compulsory for the student to have studied physics for at least one year. In both cases, the student should have an aggregate in English above at least 50 percentages.
  • Any job profile in the merchant navy requires the candidate to complete pre-sea training and specialize in the particular job role that they wish to take up based on their qualifications.
  • An executive officer who is commonly known as the captain is the highest rank on the ship. He is regarded as the commander of the ship and the job description requires him to navigate the ship and act as a representative of all other members that are on board. The chief mate acts as a second to the captain and is in charge of cargo planning and deck work. They also look after all the managerial work on the ship.
  • The second and third mates are responsible for the maintenance of the equipment and also assist the cargo work on the ship. The engineering officer helps in supervising the engine room and performs other practical tasks that influence the working of the ship. There are various levels of engineers on the ship such as the third and fourth engineer that are responsible for maintaining the engineering room and boiler room equipment’s.
  • The radio operators help in operating, maintain and repairing the radio devices on the ship. They are also responsible for maintaining other electronic navigation aids such as the radar.
  • Merchant navy employees can find job opportunities in various industry’s such as oil companies, shipping firms, shipping corporates and transportation companies. The biggest advantage to working in merchant navy is the opportunities for free travel and high pay scales. However, employees will be at sea, surrounded by water for months which may be considered as the biggest disadvantage of working in the merchant navy.
  • Merchant navy employees are also exempt from paying taxes as they spend a majority of their time at sea, generally more than 6 months a year. They help in building public relations and get to work with professionals from different places.

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