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Entry level candidates generally have little to no previous work experience. Companies are often eager to hire enthusiastic and driven candidates that can fill an entry level position and be...
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August 16, 2022
five entry level jobs for freshers that require no work

  • Entry level candidates generally have little to no previous work experience. Companies are often eager to hire enthusiastic and driven candidates that can fill an entry level position and be trained to fit the role of the company. There are various options available for such jobs depending on the candidate’s skills, backgrounds and interests.
  • When employers say no experience is needed in a job listing they mean to say that they do not expect the candidate to have any prior knowledge, training or professional past working to do the job. Various entry level job listings can also state that the minimum qualification to get the job as one to three years of non-professional related experience. Such additional qualifications can be classified and gained under education, courses and specializations, internships, volunteering and other related factors.
  • Having an educational degree such as a high school diploma or an undergraduate or post graduate degree will certainly improve the chances for a candidate to be selected for an entry level job. An increase in the level of education and the employer needs, the chances of a hike in salary paid or even the initial compensation structure can consistently rise.
  • Most jobs that use the title assistant or junior do not require any previous work experience. They generally provide on the job training which prepares a candidate to take on the daily tasks, roles and responsibilities. Creating a diverse portfolio of skills such as multi lingual proficiencies, technical skills and soft skills such as collaborating and creativity can all boost a candidate’s ability to join companies.

Administrative assistant

  • An administrative assistant primarily performs office duties that are directly under a manager or an executive. They generally organize paperwork, intercept phone calls and emails, assist with company projects and handle scheduling processes. All these roles often require only a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree. 
  • This position is a great fit for people who wish to work in a corporate environment but have little to no professional experience. With continuous training and experience, an administrative assistant may be promoted to being an office manager, executive assistant or human resource specialist.

Sales representative

  • A sales representative sells products or services to customers and other businesses. The primary duty of a sales representative includes negotiating contracts, giving sales presentations and prospecting potential leads. 
  • Having a strong skill set relating t communication, ambition motivation and customer service can be very appealing to employers. Ales jobs are available in every industry and many entry level positions are constantly vacant. 
  • Having a bachelor’s degree or high school diploma is enough to land a sales job. As the employee advances in sales, they may become eligible for commissions and bonuses for meeting the sales goals of the organization.

Pharmacy technician

  • A pharmacy technician generally works in a pharmacy as the name suggests. They fill out and label prescriptions for customers or medical providers. 
  • They also help in cataloguing inventory, filing of patient information and process health insurance. Their primary skill set is to be well organized. To work as a pharmacy technician one needs to hold a high school diploma or college degree. 
  • Having certifications of additional courses such as pharmacy technology can also boost the chance for getting this job. A brief training period to gain on the job skills is generally provided by the employer.


  • Firefighting is a strenuous but rewarding job that generally asks for a high school diploma only. Having a training certificate in emergency services can make a candidate more appealing to meet the professional duties including providing basic medical attention and first aid to injured people. 
  • Firefighters must also have the ability to use heavy machinery or equipment and handle emergency situations such as wildfires and the spill of hazardous chemicals. 
  • Generally, if the entry level job in firefighting does not require work experience, on the job training is provided for the candidates for learning all the related tasks and responsibilities.

Real estate agent

  • A real estate agent basically markets and sells houses in addition to helping their clients navigate the entire process of negotiations and loans. 
  • Most of the time, real estate agents work on a commission basis and schedule their own work. The most sought out skills in this job are negotiations, marketing, communications and high ambition.

Claims adjuster

  • A claims adjuster mainly works in an insurance company in order to evaluate property damages and personal injuries. They generally conduct interviews, review records and assess the damages that are actually caused. 
  • They help an insurance company determine whether to accept a claim or reject it. They also assist in the settlement process in case of acceptance of insurance claim. 
  • An entry level adjustment position can generally be applied for with a high school diploma and the candidate can advance his position with practice to an adjuster supervisor or senior claim adjuster. 
  • Having an insurance licensing course and passing the licensing exam can boost the chances of landing this particular job.

Web developer

  • The main duty of a web developer is to design, build and maintain websites or apps. This is an entry level position that requires basic computer and programming skills apart from design skills. 
  • A high school diploma or associates degree is the pre requisite for this job. However, freelancing options are also constantly increasing for the same. Having a freelance portfolio can help a candidate in getting the job of a junior developer.

Information technology technician

  • Information technology technicians help in investigating and resolving computer issues as well as installing and managing systems or servers. 
  • This entry level job’s primary duty is to take calls at a help desk to resolve any basic problems that might be occurring. With training and increase in experience, the employee can be promoted to administrative and engineering positions in the future.
  • A high school diploma or college degree in the related field is often sufficient for companies to hire candidate with little to no work experience in this role.

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