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           There is a common misconception that it is very difficult to get a job without a degree from college and education paths that are conventionally...
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August 24, 2022

           There is a common misconception that it is very difficult to get a job without a degree from college and education paths that are conventionally followed. There are various jobs that one can explore without having a college degree that can open many opportunities in boosting the career growth of a person, such as:

 Transportation and distribution manager  

          This refers to a career path where the people will assist in planning, directing and coordinating the numerous activities that are related to transportation, storage and distribution of materials and products. They will fundamentally be in charge of ensuring that things go where they need to go.

Firefighting supervisors 

           This job profile relates to professionals that help in managing and directing the fire fighters in a unit. As a first line supervisor the professional will help in directing firefighting and prevent fire prevention that will increase the overall safety of the community. This job provides an above-average salary status and decent career growth opportunities as the experience is increased. The demand for these professionals is also steady.

Power plant operators 

         This refers to the professionals who plan and direct the operations and working of a power plant and ensures that the plant not only produces the required amount of power but the power is provided to the required place at the required time. The job has a good average salary but the biggest down side is the reducing career opportunities as the demand for power plant operators has decreased in recent times.

Elevator technician

         This refers to a professional who help in the instillation of elevators and repair the same. Elevators carry hundreds of people and have various risks associated with any malfunctions that may occur. With an increase in multi-use facilities, the job opportunities for elevator technicians and installers are also increasing. These jobs can be easily landed without a college degree but requires a deep understanding of math’s and mechanics.

Claims adjuster

         This refers to professionals that take care of insurance claims. No college degree is required for this job. If left unchecked the insurance fraud could negatively impact any company and hence, insurance companies try to hire people to look into the actual damages of insurance claims. Investigative experience plays a major role in succeeding at this job, so, companies try to hire members who have a skill for the same.

Performance makeup artists

          For people who yearn to join the drama industry, but acting or directing is not a forte, becoming a make-up artist in the same field is an excellent option to explore. With experience and training, this field offers high salaries and is constantly in demand. The growth opportunities are also phenomenal.

Commercial pilot

         It is required for students to have a college degree if they wish to pilot a plane for airline companies. However, students require only a high school degree and a commercial pilot’s license to be allowed to fly an aero plane. They can freelance their services and earn high salaries.

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